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  • What kind of garments do you manufacture?
    We specialize in all kinds of woven casual, sport and dress shirts, both standard and with taped and fused seams for easy care. We also make fine boxer shorts
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Comayaguela which is really the twin city of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.
  • Can you Embroider my garments?
    Yes, we have Multi Head embroidery machine in our plant and can embroider your garments to your specs and style
  • Can you source fabric?
    Yes, we have access to regional mills as many well known mills worldwide. Based on your volume and general requirements for each garment, we can determine which mill to work with in order to meet mills minimums
  • What are your minimums per garment in same color and style? Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
    We really don’t have Minimums, but we try to stay above 75 pieces per color/style in order for production to be efficient and consequently within a reasonable price
  • What is your turnaround or lead time?
    Once we have your style setup, tech packs and sizing approved and fabric and trims on site, production time should be within 2-3 weeks. Add 7-10 days for ocean transit to most major cities in the US, and you should have product in your warehouse within 30-45 days
  • Can I provide my fabric and you cut and sew it?
    Of course, we work CMT a lot, this allows you, the client most control over the entire design of your garment and you provide us with your fabric
  • Can you make my Salesman Samples?
    Yes, we can. We limit this to existing clients and/or potential clients with production orders in process or to follow
  • Can you make Proto Samples?
    Yes, we can. The development of a proto sample is very expensive for us so we normally charge a fee for it. The value of this fee will be returned to customer as a credit from orders that follow development.
  • Do you offer terms?
    We do not offer terms. In this industry margins are generally very tight and offering terms not only would affect our prices but also affect our ability to provide our best service. Hence, when you place an order, we require a 60% down payment and the balance of 40% must be paid prior to shipment of finished production. If you are providing fabric, we can produce your garments without down payment, but the total bill must still be paid prior to shipment of finished goods.
  • Why do you need a down payment before processing my work?
    A lot of costs take place with the placement of each order and production facilities are very labor and payroll intensive. Because our staff and vendor relationships are important to us, we cannot compromise their wellbeing or salary at any time. There are also multiple expenses that take place before producing a garment that need to be covered. In summary it is for everyone’s benefit that all financial issues be dealt with in a timely fashion.
  • Can you help us coordinate export of our products?
    We have a dedicated team in place which offers you total support and advice for hassle-free logistic solution. We will help you throughout the entire export process until your goods are in the hands of the shipping agent and well on your way. DHL, FedEx and UPS are the primary couriers we work with for the sending of samples and accessories. However, we might also use different courier services, which seem best for the delivery location. Other than air shipment, if you want we can arrange seaways shipments as well depending upon consignment weight and port of destination.
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