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A One Stop Shop

A one stop shop for small, medium and even large sized shirt designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and even small entrepreneurs, we are able to support our customers through every step of the manufacturing process. Being a full service clothing manufacturer, we always start from scratch. If you do not have your technical designs or tech pack; you can send us a rough drawing or sketch and we will be in charge of the rest.

Tech Pack and Design Development

tech pack and design

We understand that not everyone has it all together from the beginning; we can help you with the process of creating a Tech Pack for your garment even if it means starting from basics. If you have a sample or basic dimensions and knowledge of what you want or need we will help you through the rest.

Pattern Making and Grading

pattern making and grading

Do you need to create patterns for your garments? No problem, we have experienced pattern makers who can generate your patterns from scratch or from a sample garment. Already have your patterns? Not a problem either, with our CAD software we are able to import most files and have you set up in minutes.

If you need to have your pattern graded, we can help you with that as well. Just give us exact dimensions or a rough idea of what you need and we can grade your pattern for you. Once setup we will send you dimension scale for your approval and we are set.

Material and Trims Developing and Sourcing

trims developing and sourcing

Since we always deliver exclusive garments for every clothing line, we have a team of sourcing experts to do the right job. The region has many years of experience in the textile industry and obtaining your trims is second nature to us.

Salesman Samples and Protos

samples and propotypes


dress shirt sewing

Our sewing team is skilled for very fine stitching. With our typical garment being sewn using at least 16spi (sews per inch), we are accustomed to producing quality high-end garments. This, however, does not limit us to high end pieces; we are able to produce simpler garments efficiently and cost sensitive as well.


dress shirt embroidery

Need your shirts or boxers embroidered? No problem, we have our own multi head embroidery machine in house for your ease and security

Private Label and Tag 

dress shirt private label

Private Label is also part of what we do. We can develop all labels and hang tags for you and source them, insuring the best quality and price all around. Just send us your designs and we will do the rest.

Quality Control

shirt production quality control

Our Quality Control Department has very strict enforcement standards and has many years’ experience in the industry. All stages of production are controlled throughout the process, insuring that from sample to bulk production, your garment will be consistently manufactured to your specs and to the highest standards in the industry.

Import and Export

dress shirt import and export

All pieces are inspected and packed in boxes with divisions between them to ensure that each shirt will arrive at your warehouse in pristine condition. We can barcode pack your boxes for your inventory reception and dispatch ease.

Our qualified Import Export Department can help you quote different forms of shipping and help you import your materials and trims as well.


For more information about Exiid international or any of our products, please Contact us here.

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