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With today’s ever changing market we understand the final customer requires a fast reaction to variety of styles and turnaround times. These are some of the reasons why you´ll want to work with us.


Honduras Map

Honduras is smack in the heart of Central America, a strong textile region with many years of apparel production experience. Conveniently located for most North American cities, most American airlines have flights as short as 2 hours from important cities in the U.S. (Miami, Atlanta, Houston and Dallas)


With some of the largest ocean ports of Central America located both our Atlantic and Pacific coast, we are able to import from all areas of the world with great ease. Boats ship daily to the United States.


With a 3 day transit time to Miami and as low as 7 transit days inland to major south and eastern cities in the United States, you can replenish your inventory with little lead times.


We are in the same time zone as Central Standard Time so, no staying up late to talk to one of our team members. most of our crew members are fully bilingual in order to have a beneficial communication between our company and our business partners around the world. 

Turnaround Time

Quick turn around time

Our production time is very efficient, with a turnaround time of around 2-3 weeks once your style is setup and fabric and trims are on site.

Low Minimums (MOQ)

low minimums MOQ

Though we are able to produce large orders, we remain flexible to allow smaller customers who often find it impossible or difficult to allocate their production in larger factories.


We realize not all fashion brands are born large and we are open and flexible to discuss with startup businesses, entrepreneurs, fashion designers and smaller private label brands the best way to work and grow together. 


quality dress shirt production

We don’t like to skimp out on controls and quality; these are at the top of our priorities. Accustomed to working with small but demanding designers, quality and excellence are a must and something we ourselves strive for at every stage of our process.

Customer Service

Exiid international´s DNA is linked with our business partners and clients. For this reason, we strive to make the best deals, work the best we can and make our best efforts to deal with them with respect and top customer service.

Duty-Free / Free Trade Agreement with USA, Canada and Europe


Honduras, as part of DR CAFTA (not to be mistaken with NAFTA), a Free Trade Agreement between United States (USA) and Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Dominican Republic that allows most high end garment to be imported into the US Duty Free. Also, Honduras also has a trade agreement with Canada and Europe.


We would be glad to discuss and questions or doubts you have about the topic. Please contact us here.

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